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Kida watched the new comer from a distance. She stood at the edge of the garden gazing on the woman with great curiosity. It had been ages since she had interacted with an outsider and had never even met someone that wasn’t an Atlantian. She had so many questions to ask this outsider and considering she had found her lost in the catacombs, she didn’t think she would be leaving anytime soon.

Kida ran up to the girl with a grand smile, her blue eyes glowing with hope. “I don’t think we formally introduced ourselves, I am Kidagakash” she started with a warm smile. “And I have so many questions for you and your world.”a warm smile ending her sentence.

Luka tilted her head curiously. Standing at over seven feet tall she had to crouch down a bit when the human approached her.

"Oh, well, sorry to say I’m not from around her so I won’t be able to giv you the information you want most likely."



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//Reminds me of Knights of the Zodiac

That was my show growing up. Fun fact! 

//Oh cool! I watched a few episdoes as a kid, but not enough for anything to stick :p




     "Darlin’, I’ve been lookin’ well-over-seventy in the rear-view mirror for centuries now. T’a me you’re nothing’ but a toddler."

"Even I know that wolves and such age differently than humans, and I am a different wolf." Luka smiles and looks down at the succubus from her seven foot stature. "Aside from a few gods, I’m the oldest living wolf you’ll probably ever see."




     "Right…—I’ll explain later. Perhaps after you’ve learned a bit more and actually lived a little.”

"I’ll have you know I am well over seventy years old, human years the more I think about it."


"Someone asked me to sit on them…"

The trainer appeared to be contemplating why that would be.

"Do you have any idea why?"

Luka tilted her head in thought. “Well, I like sitting on Jastun, but he gets made when I do that.” The wolf woman smiles and her tail wags happily.




     "But, there are always hookers."

"I don’t see what hooks have to do with anything."